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Stage Rider


Download  PDF-file with stage setup plan


LEAD VOCALS (center stage, front)
ORGAN, BASSYNTH + BACKING VOC. (stage left, front)
DRUMS (center stage, rear)
GUITAR + BACKING VOC. (stage right)

Our equipment:
Guitar amp (mike)
Acc. guitar plus pre-amp (line-signal mono jack)
Drumkit (standard, 1 hanging tom, 1 floor tom)
2 Keyboards (mono jack)

We need:
PA system + technician who is familiar with Doors music
Light system
6 monitor speakers (minimum 4 Monitors on very small stages and 4 Monitor channels) plus Bass amp
3 vocal mikes (SURE SM 58 or similar) w/ stands
5 mikes for the drumset
3 DI-boxes                                                                                                    

Reverberation Effect* (60s style)


 *Same or similar reverb effect should also be available for the lead vocalist in his appropriate monitor(s)

For more further details please use pdf download link above